Marvel’s Avengers Will Add Spider-Man on November 30 for PS4 and PS5

Marvels Avengers Game with Spider-Man
Photo Credit: Square Enix

If you’re playing Marvel’s Avengers on PS4 or PS5 you’ll be able to play as Spider-Man when he arrives on those systems on November 30.

Marvel’s Avenger’s is playable across various systems but Spidey will be a PlayStation exclusive when he first arrives. Spider-Man was supposed to arrive earlier this year but that debut was delayed.

Spider-Man will arrive with a hero event that sees his character teaming up with the Avengers to defeat an “unstoppable” Synthoid army.

This isn’t the first delay for new characters in Marvel’s Avengers, both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop were late arrivals

As the tweet above shows, there will also be some cosmetics upgrades and a new enemy called Echoes, and a new Klaw raid.

Marvel’s Avengers will also see gear upgraded systems and resources reworked along with a power level cap increase.

It’s been a busy week for the game’s developers who were forced to remove their newly installed pay-for-play model that allowed gamers to purchase XP boosts. The boosts were reviled by users and quickly removed.


Written by Boss Level Gamer