Minecraft Is Finally Going to Bundle Bedrock and Java Editions

Minecraft Java and Bedrock free
Photo Credit: Mojang

It’s finally happening!!! Mojang is taking the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft and bundling them together. Starting sometime in 2022, when gamers buy either of the versions, they’ll receive the other version at no additional cost.

The new offering will be called the Minecraft PC Bundle. The bundle will arrive after both versions come to the Xbox Game Pass for PC on November 2nd.

Additionally, current owners of the Bedrock or Java versions of Minecraft will receive the other version for free, ensuring nobody feels left out of this awesome offer.

Game Pass will start by adding Java to the dedicated launcher which already includes the Bedrock version and Minecraft Dungeons. Bedrock and Java will work uniformly thanks to a single MSA log-in across both.

The new setup still won’t allow for cross-play among Java and Bedrock versions, which isn’t really a surprise given the infrastructure that surrounded both versions’ individual development.

Minecraft Java is only available for Minecraft players on PC. It’s often a favorite among coders because it can be heavily modded and featured an awesome community of like-minded modders.

Ultimately, Java allows for a much more personalized experience among crafters.

Minecraft Bedrock is popular among PC, Mobile, and Console players and is often utilized because of cross-play, although it’s often mired in glitchy server issues.

Microsoft really seems to be tempting players towards their own ecosystem including Windows and Xbox, which makes sense from a development standpoint.


Written by Boss Level Gamer