Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Is Adding a New Master Rank

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Photo Credit: Capcom

Capcom is releasing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in 2022 and the expansion of the series and there are some exciting updates headed our way.

Sunbreak will deliver “Master Rank” questions which plays can only take advantage of as they complete lower-level quests. Monster Hunter requires plays to complete quests which are capped until they meet all of their current levels requirements.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Video Game
Photo Credit: Capcom

According to CogConnected, “In Sunbreak, Master Rank quests will be the newest height of difficulty. Monsters often have different variants, which become more challenging, so the Master Rank quests will have more powerful versions of monsters from the base game. Some will even have new attacks that players will have to contend with.”

To unlock the Master Rank you’ll need to finish “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” which is the final quest in the base game.

Monster Hunter Rise is dropping for PC on January 12, 2022, with Sunbreak arriving sometime in the Summer of the same year. Sadly, there is no cross-save functionality so if you move over to PC you’ll have to start from scratch.

Here’s the teaser trailer for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak:


Written by Boss Level Gamer