The Most Disappointing Games We’ve Ever Played

The Most Disappointing Games We've Ever Played

Disappointing video games are the worst. You spend so much time hyped up for their release, only to be let down after spending your hard-earned money.

Sadly, we can’t travel back in time to warn everybody about these titles. If we could, we’d let everyone know that these are ten of the most disappointing games we’ve played. 

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Many were excited by the prospect of a new Banjo-Kazooie game. But, sadly, Nuts & Bolts, the franchise debut on Xbox, is nothing like the past entries in the series. 

While Rare still acted as a developer, the game is less of a platformer and more of a vehicle builder. The game may have its fans, but it’s generally regarded as a disappointment. 

Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 2 is an incredible game that’s arguably ahead of its time. But, unfortunately, the follow-up, Spider-Man 3, is a massive letdown.

“I traded into GameStop for some game I never heard of, Oblivion,” one Redditor says. “What a great decision.”


The action RPG had a lot of promise but ultimately fell short for various reasons.

While many considered Wolcen a worthy competitor to Diablo or Path of Exile, the game was riddled with too many technical issues. Combine that with shallow gameplay, and you have one of the most disappointing games in recent memory. 


Anthem is less disappointing and more of a complete tragedy. BioWare set out to make an unforgettable experience, but nothing worked or was any fun. 

Instead of something ambitious and innovative, Anthem is just another looter shooter. Unfortunately, the market was saturated enough then, and Anthem lacks any redeeming qualities to make it worth your time or money. 

Kingdom Hearts III

What was one of the most anticipated games of all time turned out to be one of the most disappointing games released.

Instead of a satisfying conclusion to the Kingdom Hearts trilogy, the game lost the magic and appeal of the original release. Instead, it’s a shallow game without character or emotion, with an incredibly confusing plotline. 

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft blew the doors off of E3 2012 with the premiere of Watch Dogs. This was the future of gaming, a very obvious next-gen title set to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Upon release, we learn that Watch Dogs is nothing more than a mediocre Grand Theft Auto clone.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Paper Mario series has been running for over 20 years. Nintendo hasn’t been afraid to change the formula every now and then. 

With Sticker Star, released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012, fans were hoping for a return to the series’ roots and origins. Instead, fans saw a game missing promised features, such as companions. 

The Matrix: Path of Neo

A Matrix video game during the height of the film’s popularity; what could go wrong? A lot, actually. 

Despite all the promise in the world, Path of Neo is just another disappointing game. The action and combat are middling at best, failing to stand above the crowd. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda

After the conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy, fans were excited to see what stories existed in the in-game universe beyond Commander Shepard. 

The promise of exploring a new galaxy had fans excited leading up to its release. Sadly, Andromeda falls short due to a failure of the characters to connect with players and various technical glitches and hiccups.  

Halo 5: Guardians

343 Studios had a solid start to the franchise with Halo 4. Their next entry, Halo 5: Guardians, landed with a giant thud. 

It’s easily the worst in the Halo series. 343 tried to aim too high and lost sight of what makes Halo great. 

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