Nintendo Switch Accessories to Enhance Your Gameplay

The Nintendo Switch has sold more than 100 million units since its debut and it shows no signs of slowing down. While the Switch and Switch OLED are amazing right out of the box, there are a few Nintendo Switch Accessories that can enhance your experience in some useful and sometimes unique ways.

These accessories accomplish one of two goals. The first goal is to provide a unique experience that you can’t get out of the box. The second goal is to provide better gameplay which might include more comfort, unique controls, or just a better overall experience.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo
Photo Credit: Nintendo

I think Nintendo is the only game company that’s ever thought “players will want to buy painted cardboard, right?” Well, they weren’t wrong I guess. Nintendo Labo was an [interesting] idea that allowed players to use their Switch in new and creative ways. The concept was aimed at the younger generation for players to be taught basic programming skills, engineering, and physics principles.

Each Labo kit came with a game and multiple sheets of thick cardboard. The cardboard would need to be punched out and then assembled from the instructions provided on the Switch. Each kit was called a Toy-Con as the newly created cardboard mechanism would hold the Joy-Cons in a specific way.

Only four kits were ever made for the Labo. There was the Variety Kit which came with five different creations, a Robot Kit, Car Kit, and a VR Kit. Each kit had its own special creation and the game to play that went with it. Overall the games were well received by younger kids and parents alike.

Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro

Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro
Photo Credit: Hori/Nintendo

Hand cramps are a real problem with the original Switch Joy-Cons. Their flat design digs into the palm of your hands, which then puts them to sleep after a short period of time. Hori fixed that issue with the Split Pad Pro.

With an ergonomic design and larger controllers overall, these are what the Joy-Cons should have been. The controllers include Turbo buttons, customizable button mapping, and programmable rear-triggers. If you play your Switch in handheld mode a lot, these are a must-have.

Gamecube Controller Adapter

Gamecube Adapter
Photo Credit: Nintendo

The Gamecube controller was one of the best controllers Nintendo ever made. It catered primarily to the Smash Bros community and has been the controller of choice by veteran Smash Bros players ever since. When the Switch was released players had no way of connecting their beloved Gamecube controllers to play Smash Bros anymore.

Behold the Gamecube Controller Adapter. It plugs into the side or back of the Switch and can hold up to four controllers on each. The Switch has enough USB ports to support two of these adapters at once. So now the craziness of an eight-player battle can ensue.

Dock Sock

Photo Credit: ActivePatch/Etsy

If you would like to customize your Switch dock, there are literally hundreds of designs for Dock Socks. Originally created to keep the plastic dock from scratching the screen of the Switch when placing it in or taking it out of the dock, Dock Socks have become more of a fashion statement since people on Etsy started to customize them.

Designs range from pre-made socks to personalized with your own design, text, or graphics. Those will cost a little more but most creators on Etsy would be happy to do it.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit
Photo Credit: Nintendo

Not your typical Mario Kart game, Home Circuit was a mixed reality version. The game comes with an actual RC car with a camera attached. The camera feed is received on the Switch and the player steers the car through the circuit of their creation in real-time.

Using augmented reality, items and other racers will appear on the screen like a usual Mario Kart game. The game supports up to 4 players either real or AI, or the ability to play in a Grand Prix single player. Character customizations options are unlocked through the Grand Prix mode which are mostly costumes for the playable characters.

Pro Controller

Pro Controller
Photo Credit: Nintendo

Last, and most importantly is the ever trust-worthy Pro Controller. People who never played a Wii or Wii U most likely won’t be used to having their hands separated while playing a game. They’ll be more inclined to use something that feels more natural.

The Pro Controller is one of the most comfortable controllers Nintendo has made (second only to the Gamecube controller). It’s set up the exact same way as Joy-Cons, but it’s all attached together. Ergonomic grips mean your hands falling asleep is a thing of the past. It has rubber grip thumbsticks and NFC support built right in. Lastly, if pull down on the right thumbstick and look at the ring above the base there’s a secret message from Nintendo.

Donny Long

Written by Donny Long

Donny has been in the game design industry for over 15 years. Starting in QA he’s worked his way up to Game Design. He’s played video games since he was old enough to hold a controller and has passed that passion on to his daughters. While a Nintendo fanboy at heart and grew up only playing Nintendo consoles, he has since expanded his horizons.

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