Numerous Gameplay Improvements Are Soon Coming to Final Fantasy Vii: The First Soldier

Numerous Fixes Are Coming to Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier
Image Via Square Enix

Gamers have now been playing some version of Final Fantasy VII for over 17 years now. The most recent release was The First Solider which was released on iOS and Android just last month.

The title, which is free to play, was beset with a couple of issues that arose following the release. While the 75 player battle royale is popular with users, there have yet to be any changes. That will change soon as Square Enix recently published a letter explaining how they would not only fix the issues but improve gameplay in other ways as well.

Shoichi Ichikawa, the producer of the game first discussed issues encountered by players who use a controller. He noted that these issues are being prioritized by the company.

Many of the gamers playing the game are also doing so on a newer phone that allows for a 60 FPS.

Ichikawa writes, “We are currently working to increase the maximum frame rate. The game currently has three frame rate settings: high, medium, and low. In response to the numerous requests for a 60-FPS option, we are working to implement a higher frame rate setting that will accommodate this and provide for a smoother experience on powerful devices.”

There will also be significant changes in the ways the players move. The letter continued:

“Currently, after you fire a weapon, a technique is required to restore your movement speed to normal, but we’d prefer that no technique is required. We’re currently working to address this to facilitate more fluid movement.”

You can read the letter from Square Enix in its entirety here

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