Onnamusha is the New Playable Character in Furi DLC.

Hey, remember Furi, the indie action game entirely made of stylish boss fights? Its developers are hoping you do, because it’s just released some surprise DLC that features a new playable character who’s meant to let you discover the game all over again.

Onnamusha Rider is available in Furi‘s Story, Speedrun, and Practice modes. She can switch between two stances, Spark and Storm, which have dramatically different play styles.

Spark emphasizes fast, agile play, a double dash, and the ability to heal on a successful parry. In Storm, Onnamusha is much slower but “extremely powerful.” You can build up to a time-limited super mode, Star, which blends both stances’ best features in either stance.

“We read all the messages from Furi players, and this one really stuck with us: ‘I wish I could forget Furi to discover it all over again,'” wrote Emeric Thoa, Furi‘s creative director, in an official press release.

“This is how we got the idea of the Onnamusha fighter, [which] brings a completely different playstyle with a layer of tactics.”

The Onnamusha DLC is planned to release at the same time as a big update to Furi‘s base game, which will make the 2017 DLC One More Fight available for free, alongside all of the various improvements, accessibility upgrades, and additional modes that have been released since Furi‘s initial launch.

Furi was originally released in 2016 for PC and PS4 by the Game Bakers, an indie studio in Montpellier, France. It’s since been ported to Xbox, Switch, and the Amazon Luna cloud streaming service.

The Game Bakers later followed Furi up with the equally stylish but tonally opposite romantic comedy Haven, which received a free DLC update of its own earlier this year.

The Onnamusha DLC will be available on May 17 for $6.99.

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