Overwatch 2 PVP Beta Starts In 5 Days, Doomfist is Now a Tank

Blizzard is gearing up for the release of the PVP Beta for Overwatch 2, and they’ve slowly been teasing players with tidbits of information. PVP begins on April 26th, 2022. PVE is taking a backseat so they can focus on bringing the core PVP experience to where they want it to be. In anticipation of  Beta’s debut, Blizzard has highlighted Sojourn with an origin story and gameplay showing off her kit. Now, we’re looking at some of the character reworks players can expect to see when the Beta goes live.

It’s been known that Blizzard was reworking several characters, and the first two detailed are Orisa and Doomfist. The two are opposing entities in the lore of Overwatch. Doomfist is the power-hungry, mobile pummeler who is quick with his fists. Orisa is a tank that fires off a shield to protect her team.

The upcoming change sees Doomfist moving into a tank role with a huge rework to his kit, and Orisa’s abilities are changing too. Doomfist is getting a bump in his health, a leap reminiscent of Winston’s, and the ability to use a Power Block with his fist that blocks 90% of damage from the front. Power Block also charges up his next Rocket Punch attack. Finally, his ultimate is similar but foes less damage and adds a slow effect instead of knocking back enemies.

Orisa will remain a tank in Overwatch 2, but she’ll get some love to make her more viable when going toe to toe in a brawl. With the game moving to a 5v5 and one tank per team, Blizzard felt it made sense to adapt her abilities so she had more abilities to play offensively while protecting her team. Her primary gun attack does more damage the closer you are to an enemy now. 

She also gains use of her javelin, which has been seen in various pieces of lore. Throw it to damage and stun an enemy or use the spin attack to destroy projectiles, increase your speed, and push enemies forward. Her Fortify ability heals and decreases the heat generation on her primary fire attack. Her ultimate is now Terra Serge, and Orisa “becomes fortified and pulls in nearby enemies while charging up an area-of-effect attack.”

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