PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a great year for Sony and will make for an impressive PlayStation Holiday gift guide. 

Whether you have a new PlayStation gamer on your holiday list or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got something for everyone. We’ll go over the ten best PlayStation gifts for the holiday season, from games and hardware to accessories and goodies. 

We’ve additionally covered gift guides for both Nintendo and Xbox fans on your shopping list. No matter where your or your loved ones’ brand loyalty lies, we’re here for you!

The PlayStation 5 Is Still The Hottest Christmas Gift of the Year

The PlayStation 5 Is Still The Hottest Christmas Gift of the Year
Photo Credit: Sony

Finding a PlayStation 5 console in the wild may be a little easier, but that doesn’t mean demand has lowered. Fans are still desperately doing what they can to get their hands on Sony’s newest console. 

Like the Xbox Series X|S, there are two separate SKUs for the PS5: one with a disk drive and one without. The digital and physical versions are the same in terms of processing power. 

One key difference that may not be obvious concerns backward compatibility. The PlayStation 5 can run any PlayStation 4 game. Since the digital PS5 does not, and will never, have a disc drive, you won’t be able to play your old games on it. 

If You Can’t Find A PlayStation 5, How About This Candle?

If You Can't Find A PlayStation 5, How About This Candle?
Photo Credit: ChaosCandle

We’re dead serious. 

It may be easier than it was at launch, but finding a PS5 is still difficult. Plus, they’re expensive.

This candle, however, is available on Esty and starts at $15. 

God of War: Ragnarok May Be the Best Game on Any Holiday Gift Guide

God of War: Ragnarok is the Rare Occasion Where the Sequel May Be Better Than the Original
Photo Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

One of the marquee game releases for the 2022 holiday season is the newest God of War. Available on PS5 and PS4, it is a sequel to the 2018 franchise soft-reboot. 

Ragnarok delivers more of the same on a larger scale. Improves over what was already an amazing game are noticed and well appreciated. It was a long time coming and, at times, hard to wait, but it was all worth it.

Best of all, God of War: Ragnarok is available on PS4 and PS5, so if you’re shopping for someone that has yet to pick up Sony’s new console, you can still get this for them! 

Horizon: Forbidden West Is Another Fantastic Action Adventure for PlayStation

Aloy stands on a skyscraper in Horizon Forbidden West
Photo Credit: Guerrilla Games

Here’s what we said about Horizon: Forbidden West in our review:

“Horizon Forbidden West is a success in almost every way, even if it sometimes does too much in its open world. Guerrilla Games takes everything great about Horizon Zero Dawn and improves upon it all while offering up an engrossing narrative with memorable characters, exciting battles, and a whole lot of fun.”

Guerrilla Games expands on what was new IP for the PlayStation brand and delivers one of the year’s best experiences. If you or someone you know missed out on this, the holiday season is the perfect time to let them dive in, making it a great choice on our PlayStation holiday gift guide. 

These PlayStation Symbol Neon Lights Are a Great Addition to Any Game Room

These PlayStation Symbol Neon Lights Are a Great Addition to Any Game Room

Sometimes the best gaming gifts aren’t a game; they’re accessories.

If you’re doing holiday PlayStation shopping, there’s a chance that they might not need any games at all. What they could need, though, is some style and flair. They need a way to display their PlayStation pride proudly. Or maybe they’re decorating their gaming setup or game room. 

These colored PlayStation symbol lights are subtle enough not to dominate the room while adding pizzazz to a gaming setup. It’s a great gift idea for any PlayStation fan. 

Stray Is as Charming as Its Protagonist Looks

Highest Rated Game on Metacritic This Month Has a Dedicated Meow Button

Winning people over with its charm and fuzzy little protagonist, here’s what we said about Stray in our review:

“Stray is a love letter to our feline friends and serves as a viable cat simulator. Its simplistic puzzles and platform design make it an accessible title for cat lovers, but it’s Stray’s simplistic design and concepts that unfortunately will only make it known as “the cat game” and nothing revolutionary.”

It’s not perfect, but Stray is still an adventure worth having and a great way to warm yourself on a cold winter’s day. 

The Last of Us Part I Is the Definitive Way To Play A PlayStation Classic 

Ellie and Joel in last of us remake
Photo Credit: Sony

I’m not sure how this already great looking game can look even better, but here we are. 

Whether it’s your first time playing The Last of Us or you play through it regularly, this is the game’s definitive version. Improved visuals combined with new accessibility features make it an easy recommendation. 

It helps that this is one heck of a game, too. 

Backbone One – PlayStation Edition Lets You Comfortably Play Games On Your Phone

Backbone One - PlayStation Edition Lets You Comfortably Play Games On Your Phone
Photo Credit: Backbone

Xbox owners aren’t the only ones to take advantage of streaming games to their devices. PS Remote Play harnesses the power of the internet to play your PlayStation games on the go. Whether you’re five or 5,000 feet away front your PS4 or PS5, you can still play your favorite games on your mobile device.

Naturally, you’ll want an ideal control setup. That’s where the Backbone comes in. The PlayStation Edition holds your mobile device and has the look and feel of a traditional PS5 controller. 

A Gift Card Is A Perfect PlayStation Holiday Gift 

A Gift Card Is A Perfect PlayStation Holiday Gift 

Sometimes, even with a great PlayStation holiday gift guide, you’re still unsure what to get someone. Maybe they already have all of these games and accessories. Perhaps they’re super picky and specific about what they like.

A gift card is a perfect solution for those difficult-to-shop-for people on your holiday list. 

Whether you’re picking up games on the PlayStation Store or helping someone subscribe to PS Plus, a gift card is a great stocking stuffer and a solid gift idea. 

Upgrade Your Storage So You Can Buy More PlayStation Games

Upgrade Your Storage So You Can Buy More PlayStation Games
Photo Credit: Western Digital

This unironically may be the most important entry on our PlayStation holiday gift guide.

Imagine this: you open countless new games on Christmas morning. You go to install them, but the PS5 says you don’t have enough hard drive space. Gosh, darn it!

External Storage Drives are the perfect solution. They’re incredibly easy to set up and offer plenty of bang for their buck. Personally, I use an external 2 TB storage drive for my console. 

Wrapping Up

This is just a taste of great PlayStation holiday gift ideas. What’s only our wishlist this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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