Pokémon Snap Is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online on June 24TH

Pokémon Snap is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online on June 24th
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The next Nintendo 64 classic coming to Nintendo Switch Online is Pokémon Snap. Originally released in 1999, it offered a new way to catch ’em all: by taking their pictures in the wild. It will launch for Nintendo Switch Online on June 24th.

New Pokémon Snap was released for Nintendo Switch last year to positive reviews.

Snap’s gameplay is much more laid back than the traditional RPG entries. Players are tasked with venturing to Pokémon Island. Professor Oak asks us to capture wild Pokémon in the name of research. Instead of catching them in Pokéballs, you’ll use your camera to photograph them.

The original Pokémon Snap made our list of the 30 best Nintendo 64 games. We said the following:

“Pokémon Snap’s chill and laid-back experience led itself naturally to plenty of replayability. It was a short and sweet affair that wasn’t too demanding of your time. Compared to the grind the main franchise can be at times, it was an enjoyable alternative to sit back, relax, and take pictures of ‘em all.”

Snap is also one of the best Pokémon spin-off games we can’t stop playing. It looks like we’ll soon be able to play it wherever we want!

For more things Pokémon, be sure to check out our list of the ten best starter Pokémon. We also ranked the Pokémon games from best to worst.


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