20 Most Popular Movie Quotes That Everybody Instantly Recognizes

Terminator 2
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What are some of the most recognizable movie quotes of all time? Before jumping into what the internet voted for, it’s important to note that Darth Vader’s breathing noises are the most recognizable sound and were nominated to make this list. Nonetheless, here are the top twenty most recognizable movie quotes.

1. I’ll Be Back

Terminator 2
Image Credit: Carolco Pictures.

One user nominated in an Austrian voice “I’ll Be Back,” an expression Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered as The Terminator and in other films nodding at the famous line, such as Kindergarten Cop

2. May the Force Be With You

You don’t need to be a Star Wars nerd to know where the famous expression “May the Force Be With You” originated. The saying is so widely-known that every May 4th is officially Star Wars Day, and the internet memes up the phrase, “May the 4th Be With You.”

3. Run, Forrest, Run!

Another significant pop culture phrase that people still utter nearly 20 years after the film’s release is “Run, Forrest, Run!” That expression is from the movie Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks. Several runners confessed to hating these words and are tired of hearing them.

4. Hakuna Matata

“Hakuna Matata” from Disney‘s 1994 animated classic The Lion King is a well-known movie quote. “What a wonderful phrase. It means no worries. For the rest of your days.”


“DONKEHH.” Did you read that in your favorite lovable green ogre Shrek’s voice? How about this one, “That’s a nice boulder,” “And in the morning, I’m makin’ waffles!” Shrek is a pop culture phenomenon that has produced dozens of movie quotes.

6. Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

“Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get” is another Forrest Gump movie quote regurgitated to this day. However, people have been misquoting this famous Forrest Gump scene. The actual line is, “Mama always said Life WAS like a box of chocolates.”

7. My Name Is Inigo Montoya

“My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die,” from the popular classic The Princess Bride, is the seventh most-voted movie quote that everyone knows, regardless of seeing the film.

8. To Infinity and Beyond!

“To Infinity and Beyond!” Buzz Lightyear was introduced to the world in Disney Pixar’s 1994 groundbreaking animated hit, Toy Story. And the world has been reciting the movie quote ever since. 

9. Hasta la Vista, Baby

“Hasta la Vista, Baby,” in an Austrian accent, is a quote that originated from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The young John Connor (Edward Furlong) taught the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) the expression as they became best friends.

10. Say Hello to My Little Friend

“Say Hello to My Little Friend,” in your best Tony Montana voice, is still a widely-used movie quote in conversations. The phrase comes from Scarface, where Al Pacino plays a Cuban immigrant drug lord. 

11. You Shall Not Pass!

“You Shall Not Pass” is a famous movie quote from the cultural phenomenon The Lord of the Rings film, The Fellowship of the Ring. “I Can’t Carry It for You, but I Can Carry You! Come On!” Epic music plays.

12. Why So Serious?

Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in the Batman movie, The Dark Knight has gone down in history as the defining Joker of all time. 

The movie quote “Why So Serious?” originated from the film and is still used today on the internet as a response to someone overly upset on social media. 

13. I See Dead People

“I See Dead People” is a chilling phrase that movie fans quote from the M. Night Shyamalan classic, The Sixth Sense

14. Heeeeeere’s Johnny!

One of the more notorious movie quotes on the list is, “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” The expression comes from the horror classic, The Shining, where Jack Nicholson goes crazy, busts through a door with the axe, then delivers the line, “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” 

15. Hey, McFly!

Everyone knows that the movie quote “Hey, McFly!” comes from the classic 80s film Back to the Future when Biff bursts into the diner to give Geroge McFly a hard time. 

16. Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” is the oldest movie quote on this list of classic phrases. It’s from the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy says it to her dog. Today people use it to say they have stepped outside of what is considered normal.

17. Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal

“Keep the change, you filthy animal,” is a quote from the fictional film Angels With Filthy Souls within the movie Home Alone and is resurrected every Christmas.

18. You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat” is one of the most iconic lines in movie history, originating from the 1975 classic Jaws. Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) says it after seeing the massive size of the great white shark. 

19. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities

“With great power comes great responsibilities” is one of the famous lines delivered by Uncle Ben in Spider-Man. The line initially appeared in the 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book. 

Still, it was defined by Uncle Ben as advice to the young Peter Parker in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man film from 2002.

20. I’m the King of the World!

James Cameron’s 1997 Titanic gave us the final movie quote on our list, “I’m the King of the World!” When Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) first boards the Titanic, he is seen on the front of the ship screaming the line before crowing like a rooster. 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit suggestions list of the most recognizable movie quotes. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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