Think You’re Obsessed With Fortnite? These Ten States Go Crazy for Loot Pinatas

Presenting the Top Ten States Obsessed With Fortnite
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Fortnite is already one of the most popular video games of all time, but these states take it to another level.

A new study reveals which states are dropping in the most on Fortnite, the mega-popular Battle Royale from Epic Games. 

The research, performed by SolitaireBliss, analyzed data such as Google searches, Trends, and more. Ten different search terms were used in the study:

  • Fortnite
  • Fortnite Tracker
  • Fortnite Skins
  • Fortnite Weapons
  • Fortnite Mobile
  • Fortnite Item Shop
  • Fortnite Redeem
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Fortnite Twitter
  • Fortnite Chapter 3

Each state’s total score was assigned based on the Google search volume. 

Top Ten States Obsessed With Fortnite

1. West Virginia

West Virginia is the state most obsessed with Fortnite. Its total search score is a whopping 750. The state’s most popular searches included “Fortnite,” “Fortnite Item Shop,” and “Fortnite Chapter 3,” with a search score of 100 in all three categories. Conversely, it had one of the lowest search scores for “Fortnite Weapons.”

2. Kansas

Kansas is the next state on the list, but it wasn’t too close. Its search score was 768, with a score of 100 for “Fortnite Weapons” searches. It stumbles in the “Fortnite Twitter” department, though, with a search score of 43, the lowest of all listed states.

3. Oklahoma

The next two states came in close behind Kansas. Oklahoma came in third thanks to an all-around performance with the state’s Fortnite searches. Its total search score is 665. The one “weak spot” was the “Fortnite Weapons” search, which scored 34. 

4. Kentucky

Kentucky was right behind with a total score of 657. With scores of 100 for “Fortnite” and “Fortnite Tracker” scores, the state lacked when it came to “Fortnite Weapons” and “Fortnite Battle Royale.”

5. Mississippi

In fifth place is Mississippi, with a search score of 614. Despite the state appearing in the middle of the list, it still boasts a “Fornite Redeem” search score of 100.

fortnite search trends
Photo Credit: Epic Games

6. Nebraska

The battle for sixth and seventh place on our Fortnite list was a photo finish. Nebraska was able to squeak by Indiana with a score of 607. 

7. Indiana

The Hoosier State came in seventh at a mere one point behind Nebraska with a score of 606. Despite some impressive showings across the board for search scores, it, like other states, lacks in “Fortnite Weapons” with a score of 33.

8. Missouri

Missouri comes in eighth place with a search score of 596. While most of its search scores were solid, not many people in The Show-Me state seem to care about searching for “Fortnite Weapons.”

9. Arkansas

Right behind is Arkansas, with a total score of 591. Despite its “Fortnite Mobile” search score clocking in at 100, like Missouri, it had a poor “Fortnite Weapons” search, with a score of 29.

10. Rhode Island

Finally, the smallest state in the U.S. comes in tenth place. With an overall score of 586, Rhode Island was able to do well in its “Fortnite Skins” searches. Conversely, it scored poorly in “Fortnite Weapons” and “Fortnite Mobile” searches. 

Analyzing the Fortnite Search Terms and Volume

The research from SolitaireBliss accounts for the past twelve months of Google Trends, searches, and data. In total, over 3,000,000 searches for Fortnite topics were tracked. An individual breakdown of search terms and volume is available below:

  • Fortnite – 2,200,000 searches
  • Fortnite Tracker – 827,000 searches
  • Fortnite Item Shop – 510,000 searches
  • Fortnite Skins – 105,000 searches
  • Fortnite Mobile – 93,000 searches
  • Fortnite Redeem – 82,000 searches
  • Fortnite Battle Royale – 78,000 searches
  • Fortnite Chapter 3 – 74,000 searches
  • Fortnite Twitter – 70,000 searches
  • Fortnite Weapons – 22,000 searches

“Fortnite is still a hugely popular video game in America,” said a spokesperson for SolitaireBliss, who performed the study. “With the top ten Fortnite obsessed states consisting primarily of Southern or middle America states. This is also reflected with well known Fortnite streamers, such as former Twitch and current Youtube streamer, Drlupo, a Nebraska Native and Fortnite gamer who has amassed a huge 129 million views on Youtube with his Fortnite content.”

They also added, “With the Winter period approaching and seasonal events such as Christmas and Black Friday upcoming undoubtedly Fortnite gaming will be more popular and consumer interest will peak.”


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