Raven Software QA Strike Continues Into Its Third Week

Raven Software QA Strike Continues Into Its Third Week
Raven Software QA Strike Continues Into Its Third Week

The Raven Software QA strike is entering its third week. While Activision management claims they’ve reached out, workers deny these claims.

On December 6th, a walkout against Activision, the developer’s parent company, began the Raven Software QA strike. The termination of testers despite the promises of raises started the strike, which now enters its third week.

An Activision spokesperson told the following:

“Activision is deeply committed to the wellbeing of all of our teams, including our QA workforce. Raven leadership has engaged in dialogue with its staff to hear concerns and explain the company’s overall investment in development resources. As previously announced, we are growing our overall investment in development and operations resources and converting nearly 500 temporary workers to full-time employees across our studios, the largest conversion in Activision’s history.

“For the 12 temporary workers at Raven whose agreements were not extended, we provided an extended notice period, included payment for the two-week holiday break, and will be working directly with those that need relocation assistance. Raven is full of people dedicated to improving the culture at Activision, and we look forward to partnering with employees to do that work together.”

Activision QA developer Kate Anderson doesn’t think Activision is acting in good faith despite this statement, however. They went into detail on Twitter.

“[Activision Blizzard King] will tell you that Raven’s leadership is working with QA testers on how to move forward. However, Raven QA testers say that leadership refuses to communicate directly about the strike. When the strike first began, there was a 20 min[ute] zoom call in which non-striking testers could ask questions. However, those questions were never answered.”

That zoom call, presumably, took place over three weeks ago when the Raven Software QA strike first began.

They continue (spelling/punctuation due to Twitter character limit):

“If you take ABK at their word when they say they have been working with RavenQA and other strikers to move forward, idk what else to say besides they are lying No efforts have been made to fix trust. Leadership’s strategy is to make sure they look good and hope that it blows over. TLDR: Today is the FIRST TIME that strikers are hearing from the company at all. If they were really willing to work with us, they would’ve at least started the negotiation process (that we have tried to start multiple times) instead of ignoring us until now.”

Anderson also added in the below statement, presumably in response to Activision reaching out to

The Raven Software QA strike comes when glitches are causing a purchasable skin to become a pay-to-win item. The issue was reported by CharleIntel, IGN, and mentioned on Reddit earlier this week. Activision has not commented on this or any other matters affected by the Raven Software QA strike.

For those of you wishing to assist members of the Raven Software QA strike, as well as other developers striking against Activision Blizzard, a strike fund has been set up on Go Fund Me.


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