Saints Row Is Not Leaving a Good Impression With Critics, Fans

Saints Row Is Not Leaving a Good Impression with Critics, Fans

The anticipated Saints Row reboot is getting ready to launch, and people aren’t at all happy with it. Currently, it sits at a 63 on Metacritic, and it may be the only thing gaming fans and critics agree on.

Fans are taking to Twitter and not holding back their thoughts.

Content warning: language
Content warning: language

Here’s what critics are saying

Saints Row Review Round-up

VGC (2 Stars) – “It’s a below average open world game that’s stuffed to bursting with bugs, and the best thing we can say about it is that making our Tobias Fünke-inspired character crouch over and do the wanker gesture while he walked down the street made us laugh. Probably not quite worth the price of admission.” – Jordan Middler

GamesRadar (3 Stars) – “My Saints Row experience was enjoyable and more than occasionally frustrating: at times it feels like Volition is on the cusp of a breakthrough in both social commentary and open-world game mechanics, while at other times it feels like it’s upholding the status quo. I love the new cast of characters and what they represent to marginalized community members who will play this game, and the story is compelling enough that I persevered in the face of some irritating bugs. There’s a solid game here, and plenty of fun to be had with the new Saints Row, but I find myself wishing the team had taken the concept and ran with it to the bank – before robbing said bank, of course.” – Alyssa Mercante

IGN (6 out of 10) – “For a game that gives us so much freedom to be exactly who we want to be via its superb customisation options, it’s odd that Saints Row itself struggles to forge its own identity when it comes to the types of wanton criminal activities it makes available to us. There’s definitely no shortage of shallow shoot ‘em up thrills to be had here, but it’s a very familiar and uninspired brand of sandbox fun that’s unlikely to wow anybody who’s played a Saints Row game before, much less a GTA.” – Tristan Ogilvie

Gamespot (6 out of 10) – “Saints Row reins in the absurdity to a fairly significant degree but still manages to indulge in some of the chaotic action and silly hijinks the series is known for. Its story is simple and fairly predictable, yet spending time with its diverse and well-rounded characters makes it worth seeing through to the end. It’s a shame the gameplay isn’t quite as progressive, opting instead for out-of-date mechanics and level design. Combat is decent, and the story missions are enjoyable when at their most over-the-top, but there’s too much bland filler in between. Rebooting the series made sense, yet in many ways, Saints Row is still stuck in the past and struggling to live up to its legacy.” – Richard Wakeling


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