The Skyrim Glitchless Completion Record is Now Under 73 Minutes

There is a massive world featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And gamers can spend an awful lot of time there if they’d like to. The best speedrunners, though, barely have to spend much time in there at all.

Since the days of Donkey Kong, gamers have been competing to see who could complete games the fastest. And all these years later, the contest continues. At some point, though, games can only be completed so fast. And for Skyrim, that time was a little over 74 minutes. But a player named nuclear has found a way to get under 73 minutes and has done it without glitches.

A speedrunner completed Skyrim in under 73 minutes
Image Via Bethesda Softworks

PC Gamer explains the strategy used to get through:

“Basically, it hinges on the quest A Cornered Rat, where you go into the Riften sewers to meet with Esbern. With some skilled manoeuvring and a bit of luck, you can get an angered guard to follow you toward that meeting so that when you finish with it, he’ll take you straight to jail. That effectively serves as a teleport out of the sewers, saving you from having to go to the trouble of leaving the area, and cutting over a minute off the run.”

Watch the record run in its entirety below:

Todd Neikirk

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