Slitterhead, the Latest Game From Silent Hill Creator Keiichrio Toyama, Has a New Trailer

In 1999, Konami released the title Silent Hill. The brainchild of designer Keiichiro Toyama, the game was a hit with both critics and fans. Silent Hill became a franchise with several sequels and two Hollywood films.

With Silent Hill being such a success, fans have long anticipated the next release from Toyama. And now the trailer is out for his latest project, another horror game entitled Slitterhead.

The first look at the title came during this year’s Game Awards. From the short trailer, it is clear that Slitterhead will be a little heavier on action than Silent Hill.

A caption during the trailer reads, “I” 1999, Keiichiro Toyama chose horror as the genre for his first directorial work. Silent Hill was released to the world. In 2020, he went independent and founded Bokeh Game Studio. And he came back to face a new challenge in horror.”

“n a description of the trailer Games Radar notes, “we see a man seemingly caught off guard by a woman overcome by parasites, and are later shown police scrambling around the streets reacting to a pretty gruesome active crime scene. All of which suggests things turn to shit pretty quickly in-game. The Slitterhead trailer ends with an older woman standing on a veranda who’s clearly been infected by the parasites wewe’veeen earlier. In a flash, her creature-like head – scales, tentacle tongue and all – retracts, folding neatly back into place, to reform her otherwise normal human face. Which may mean shapeshifters play a part in Slitterhead too.”

Unfortunately, for eager gamers, there is going to be quite a wait for the game. It is not expected until 2023. While the game will be available on PC, Toyama has said that he wants to make it available on as many consoles as possible



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