A Speedrunner Set a Record by Beating Pokemon Shining Pearl in Under an Hour

Pokemon games have long been incredibly popular among gamers. ILCA and Nintendo recently collaborated on new releases titled Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The games are updated on Nintendo DS’s Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which was released in 2006.

The game was just released last week, but in a piece of news that is sure to help promote the game, a speedrunner has already defeated Shining Pearl in under an hour.

A YouTube streamer named Werster not only became the first player to finish either Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl in less than an hour, and he did so quite comfortably. The player finished the game in just 50 minutes and 36 seconds.

A YouTuber has already beaten Pokemon Shining Pearl in less than an hour
Image Courtesy of Nintendo

The gamer noted that he used a number of glitches in order to defeat the game. These include:

  • Menu storage (and double/triple variants of it)
  • Door Storage
  • Cutscene
  • Clipping to OoB
  • Trainer-Menu Storage
  • Poke Doll Battles
  • Surf on Land
  • Early E4
  • Fast Cynthia

And now that the first speedrunner has defeated Shining Pearl, more are expected. Werster explained that while he was able to achieve the feat, he could have made some improvements to his run. The gamer posted on his YouTube feed:

“This run was far from perfect, but I believe it’s the first ever sub 1, so really happy with the progress made. Shoutouts to the speedrunning community around this game, the past week has been a blast and so many different people have contributed towards so much in this game in such a short space of time. It’s been fantastic.”

Watch the full video of the record-breaking run here:


Todd Neikirk

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