Square Enix Focuses On CONSENT As Final Fantasy 14 Players Get A Bit Frisky With Each Other

If you hit a nightclub on a Friday night pretty much anywhere across the country, you are sure to run into some PDA. And the video game universe, at pretty much anytime, isn’t likely to be different.

Image Via Square Enix

This is certainly the case in Final Fantasy 14. Players have figured out a way to combine certain emotes as well as certain movements to make it look like two characters are engaging in sexual activity. And it seems to be happening quite a bit.

The game’s publisher, Square Enix, is quite aware of the issue. Today, the company issued guidelines on how any of these encounters should happen.


A post on the company’s support page reads, “In the case of role-playing involving mildly sexual expressions (such as erotic role-playing) with a consenting group of two or more players, if it is conducted in a private area, it will not be considered a violation unless a report is made.”

But users should also be careful that the role playing comes with consent. The statement continues:


“However, if you encourage or invite a player to participate in such role-play without being certain of their consent, there is a high possibility that you will be reported and penalized. Please be very careful. As you can see, expressions that fall under this category are generally prohibited, so if even one player who witnessed such an expression finds it offensive, there is a high possibility that it will be reported. What is considered offensive will vary from person to person, so if you believe there is any chance that you may offend someone, you should refrain from making such expressions.”

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