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Teamfight Tactics Tier List for Set 8

Teamfight Tactics Tier List for Set 8
Photo Credit: Riot Games

With a new set comes a new Teamfight Tactics tier list. Set 8 for T.F.T. has brought fantastic new things to our favorite online auto chess battle arena. The unique Traits and possibilities have made this game even more fun, even though that seemed impossible.


Riot Games has prepared some exciting stuff for us. Traits we’ve never seen before, and with a few of those Traits, players have had the opportunity to try on some previous sets. Apart from that, there is a unique system in the game where you can choose a champion that would be the heart of your team and buff his abilities, and more opportunities to gain loot.

The game feels much more complex and leaves players little to no time to spare once the fun begins. This patch is a drastic change compared to the slow game pace, which could leave players hanging and waiting for the next round. That has all changed in Set 8 since the players are required to use every single second of the game the best they can. Otherwise, they could miss out on a game-changing opportunity.

But, like before, some Traits stand out from the bunch. Sometimes it is because they are overpowered and guarantee a placement in the top three. Others are a little underwhelming and have yet to meet the players’ expectations.

Let’s break down the Set 8 Teamfight Tactics tier list regarding Traits:

S Tier – The Best of Our T.F.T. Tier List

  • Aegis
  • Brawler
  • Corrupted
  • Defenders
  • Forecast
  • Mascot
  • Spellslinger
  • Threat


The Aegis Trait is new only by name, but the players have already met with it before under Mystic. It is a specific Trait providing Magic Resistance to its champions. 

It has earned a place in the S tier because the current “Bruiser Meta” is hot in League of Legends and has also spilled into T.F.T. This Trait provides durability in combat for its users and is one of the best Traits in the current set.


This Trait is as old as the game itself. It was always a shift between two names, Bruisers and Brawlers, but they always did the same thing. Provide a flat amount of health points to its champions.

The rules for Aegis apply to Brawlers as well. It seems that Riot understands that they shouldn’t fix something that is not broken. Go, Brawlers!


This brand-new Trait in T.F.T. is tied to only one champion. In this case, that is Fiddlesticks. The Corrupted Trait goes incredibly well with Fiddlestick’s whole persona since he feeds off his dead allies and, by doing so, becomes unimaginably powerful. 

So it’s not surprising that this Trait appeared in the S tier due to circumstances that have to align for a player even to have a chance to play it. 

Although, Fiddlesticks, being a five gold costing champion, is a rare sight to see; you still need to save your money to have a chance to upgrade him to level two. That is, if you manage to survive that long in the game.


The Defender Traits has been around since the beginning of the T.F.T. universe. But it has changed its appearance and name throughout history. Players may know this Trait under the terms of Warden, Vanguard, Ironclad, and Bodyguards.

Like the Brawler, the Defenders Trait has always remained the same despite constant change between its champions and names. It consists of providing a flat amount of Armour to its champions.

This bonus goes incredibly well with the two we mentioned before, allowing a player to eliminate his rival on the technical timeout.

S Tier - The Best of Our T.F.T. Tier List
Photo Credit: Riot Games



The forecast is a unique new Trait that Janna selfishly holds to her. However, it is one of the best Traits in the game, earning its spots in the S-Tier for our Teamfight Tactics tier list. 

Forecast Trait provides special bonuses that shift from competition to play to her allies and makes a game easier for anyone who picks her.


Another new Trait with a few old elements is The Mascot Trait. It is a simple Trait that provides Health Regeneration to its champions, which increases every time one champion dies in the battle. 

They go to the side of the field and cheer their allies, giving them a much-needed hp regeneration boost. It is compatible with many Traits but goes best with some defensive Traits mentioned above.


Spellslinger isn’t a new thing, but the community indeed loves them. They are most commonly known under the name “Mage Trait,” which has appeared numerous times in the previous sets.

It provides a flat amount of ability power to its champions, and it is all you need with a dash of mana items to take first place in every game.


The Threat Trait has never been seen before in Teamfight Tactics. The new Trait doesn’t provide a bonus if you have more champions of the said Trait on the field but rather has incredible stats for each champion.

These champions are overpowered, and individually they are the most vital units in the game. They can be beaten only if you create fantastic synergy with your other units. They are an excellent addition to an already fun and exciting game. It’s an easy S-Tier inclusion on our TFT tier list.

A Tier – Solid Options on Our Teamfight Tactics Tier List

  • Ace
  • Anima squad
  • Arsenal
  • Civilian
  • Duelist
  • Hacker
  • Heart
  • Ox Force
  • Underground


The Ace Trait is quite a powerful Trait, and it just missed the S Tier. It is similar to The Ninja Trait that was available in the previous sets. The Ace trait provides a nice bonus, but only if you have one or four Ace champions on the field.

This is extremely difficult to manage since you can either play many Aces on the field but play without a bonus or only one and let the others warm up the bench. 

It can take up a lot of space, which can cripple your game and contribute to an early loss. But, on the other hand, if you manage to do it, the game will most likely end up with your Victory.

Anima Squad

Another newcomer that came along with the Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics is The Anima Squad Trait. A compelling trait that will provide its champions with a stacking H.P. boost, along with an increase in attack damage and ability power.

The only reason it isn’t placed in the S tier is that unless you have 7 Anima Squad bonuses active, they aren’t that good. This is not easy to execute, and you will need a lot of luck.


Another new addition to the game is The Arsenal Trait which Aphelios holds. It’s a simple but helpful trait that is A Tier Trait. Aphelios can choose from one of three weapons each round he will take to combat with him.


Civilian is an outstanding Trait, but you have to understand that it acts as a support for your main Trait. Therefore, it can not be played as the main Trait simply because this Trait needs more champions to be standalone. 

Instead, it consists of the mana boost your Civilian champions provide to their allies.

A Tier - Solid Options on Our Teamfight Tactics Tier List
Photo Credit: Riot Games


The Duelists have returned among the most loved Traits available in previous sets. It’s simple but effective, providing its champions additional attack speed bonus—a well-deserved place in the A Tier on our Teamfight Tactics tier list. 


The Hacker Trait is new in the game. It works similarly to the Assassins, but they are one step ahead because they provide a much better boost in the form of Omnivamp. You may also choose one Hacker champion of your liking to send behind the enemy lines to wreak havoc.


One more support Trait has made its place in the A tier. That is a Heart Trait. The lovely Hearts provide a stacking boost to their allied champions every time they cast an ability.

Ox Force

This Trait was influenced by Olaf’s passive in League of Legends. Ox Force is an attractive trait that provides additional attack speed to its champions which increases when their health points decrease.


The Underground Trait is a more creative version of the Mercenaries Trait from previous sets. This Trait provides loot to the player that can come in gold, items, and champions.

Players can withdraw their loot once they get ten underground points and begin the process from the beginning, or they can pass on withdrawal and try to get more valuable prizes.

B Tier – Good but Not Great Traits          

  • Admin
  • Gadgeteen
  • LaserCorps
  • Mecha: PRIME
  • Recon
  • Renegade
  • Star Guardian
  • Supers
  • Sureshot


The A.D.M.I.N. Trait is a bit unusual; it allows you to choose between different configurations in the game.

It resembles the Mutant or Mirage from the last set. Again, you can choose various causes or effects that can be activated, but compared to the other Traits, it is not as strong. It has to be placed in the B tier on our Teamfight Tactics tier list.


The Laser Corps Trait consists of champions that are followed by a drone. Therefore, the more champions you have, the more drones are there to help.

But even though the drones look amazing in the game, they aren’t as powerful as they seem. They lack the X factor that can change the tides of the game. Because of their not-so-mind-blowing strength, they belong to the B Tier.


This Trait is quite simple; you can get a random modified item that any champion in your team can equip. But in this case, simple is not better since, apart from that bonus, the player receives little more from them. 

If more is needed, the items change every round, making player waste time deciding which champion is best to be equipped on. 

Therefore, losing valuable seconds of the game and making it annoying to play because of these things, it deserves to be placed in the B tier.

Mecha: PRIME

When you read what the Mecha: PRIME Trait makes, your first guess would be that it is incredible. You wouldn’t be wrong. It is a powerful Trait that has some unique character to it. 

This thing was only seen once in T.F.T. in Set 3, where Annie, Rumble, and Fizz would join to create one mega robot combining all of their stats. The Mecha: PRIME has a similar approach, where your PRIME champion takes the stats of 2 Mecha: PRIME champions of your liking and grows in size. 

It is an excellent trait, but it can usually work if Jax is your PRIME, but even then, it can be stopped with a bit of crowd control and intelligent placement of units. Thus it has to be placed in the B Tier.


One more Trait that has left us a bit disappointed is the Recon Trait. It is similar to the Enforcer Trait from the previous sets but provides a lot less valuable function. 

Your champion will leap out of harm’s way, and it will get a bonus critical strike chance. This is why the Recon Trait has earned its place in the B Tier.

B Tier - Good but Not Great Traits     
Photo Credit: Riot Games


A Trait that provides bonus attack damage may be sufficient, but the Renegade Trait needs to give more to make a big difference.

The cap of the bonus damage is 80% plus 40% for the last Renegade alive, which is less than enough to make too much of a difference if you need more items to par with your champions.

So, unforit’stely, it’s a B Tier for Renegade Trait.

Star Guardian

Star Guardian Trait is just an Evoker Trait with a bit of makeup. While the mana bonuses this Trait provides are excellent, they are useless without high-level champions and perfect ability power items. 

Thus making this Trait highly luck dependent and placing it in the B Tier.


Despite the perfect name, “Supers” are underwhelming. The Supers Trait provides additional 20% attack damage plus 5% for every three-star champion on your team. 

Compared to the other Traits, even in B Tier, this is by far the most disappointing Trait in the current set.


The Sureshot Trait is just a bleached-out version of the Sniper Trait. However, it provides an additional attack damage bonus to its champions.

While this bonus is better than the Renegade bonus since it has an additional one that happens every 4 seconds, it is still a highly item-dependent Trait that deserves no more than a place in B Tier on our Teamfight Tactics tier list.

Written by Vuk Jovanovic

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