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The Highest-Earning Games on YouTube Revealed

The Highest-Earning Games on YouTube Revealed

Gaming has become a significant business for game makers and players alike. Some of the highest-earning games on YouTube have turned gaming from a hobby to a profession for a select lucky few. 

Everything from League of Legends to Stardrew Valley seems to have an audience on YouTube. But only ten games can be the most profitable for content creators. 

The research team for Bonusninja, an online casino review,  has crunched the numbers and came away with the top ten highest-earning games on YouTube. The results are based on the average CPM (cost per mile) that advertisers pay for the ads on each upload. 

Grand Theft Auto V

Developed by Rockstar Games and initially released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest games on YouTube today. 

It makes an astounding $4,077 per minute viewed on YouTube. So maybe there’s a reason why Rockstar continues to remaster and re-release GTA V over creating a new Grand Theft Auto.

Elden Ring

For many, Elden Ring is the best game of 2022. The first open world game by FromSoftware met its incredibly high expectations. 

There is a clear demand to play the game, as well as watch others play as well. It makes nearly $1,600 per minute viewed on YouTube. So those that went all-in on Elden Ring guides have a chance to make a pretty penny!

Red Dead Redemption 2

While only two games on the list of highest-earning games on YouTube are over $1,000, the rest still make a decent amount of change. That includes Red Dead Redemption 2.

The newest entry in Rockstar’s western franchise was released in 2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A PC version later followed. 

God of War

Next up, we have yet another single-player focused game. Sony’s 2018 reboot of the God of War franchise is a massive success. That translates to profits on YouTube, which come in at $642 per minute.

The God of War series saw its most recent release in late 2022, with God of War: Ragnarök.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn Entertainment’s first single-player game is a massive success for publisher Electronic Arts. 

In terms of YouTube revenue, Fallen Order generates $630 per minute. 

A sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, will be released in 2023. 

Portal 2

Developed by Valve and released in 2011, Portal 2 is the sequel to the widely successful original game. The highlight of Portal 2 is the game’s co-op puzzles. 

Portal 2 tops the original game on our list of highest-earning YouTube games. It makes $575 per minute. 

God of War: Ragnarök

The newest blockbuster from Sony and Santa Monica Studios, God of War: Ragnarök, is a massive achievement and a fantastic PlayStation 5 title.

Thanks to its popularity, it’s making $497 per minute on YouTube. 

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The first mainline Pokémon games to go open world, Scarlet and Violet sold over 10 million copies in three days

They have also generated an average of $482 per minute on YouTube. 


The original Portal took the world by storm. Its clever writing, catchy song, and promise of cake made it an instant delight for gamers.

Portal still ranks among the most profitable games on YouTube even today. It makes an average of $361 per minute.


Finally, we come to the reboot of the iconic FPS franchise.

Developed by id Software and published by Bethesda, DOOM 2016 is a masterclass on releasing an old-school FPS in the modern era. 

Critics, fans, and YouTube agrees; videos for the game make an average of $310 a minute. 

Analyzing the Results

After discussing the ten highest-earning games on YouTube, it’s important to analyze the results. 

“The earning potential behind YouTube has long been utilized as a revenue stream by content creators – but many might be surprised to find that video game playthroughs can earn thousands,” said a spokesperson for Bonusninja.

“It just goes to show that it’s worth putting gaming content and reviews out there, particularly if you’re passionate about what you’re playing, as you could become a regular streamer.”



Written by Jake Valentine

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