The Worst Parts of Otherwise Fantastic Movies

The Worst Parts of Otherwise Fantastic Movies
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No matter how perfect a movie is, it can have flaws. Generally, though, they’re not enough to detract from the film’s quality, but it’s something you still notice. 

Recently, Redditor Godly_Recon asked, “What’s the worst part of an otherwise perfect film?”


The car flies at the end of Grease. The entire musical spends no time talking about anything that indicates such a thing could happen. Yet, here we are, watching a car fly off into the sky. 

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

In the original theatrical cut, Saruman’s story just kind of ends. 

The Extended Edition of Lord of the Rings focuses on Saruman’s final moments before his ultimate demise. It’s something that’s always felt off about the theatrical cut; Saruman, a major character, dies off-screen. 

The Dark Knight

Many point out issues with the cops of Gotham. Unfortunately, they’re mainly used for one-liners or expositional dialogue that detracts from the action on screen. 

Director Christopher Nolan does a great job of delivering a grounded and realistic comic book movie. Yet the constant quips from the Gotham PD sometimes break immersion. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Mickey Rooney’s character is the only flaw of this film.

Thankfully, you can edit him out completely, and the rest of the movie is unaffected. 

It (1990)

Part of what makes Pennywise so creepy is how little you see him. It uses the “less is more” approach to scare its viewers.

Until the sequel, that is. Then Pennywise turns into this gigantic spider thing, and the illusion is gone. 


Sometimes a perfect movie has its flaw at the end of the film. In the case of Alien, the lack of technology comes back to haunt it. 

As the Xenomorph hangs on to the back of the escape pod, Godly_Recon mentions that it “looks like a Power Rangers villain.”

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

While not a perfect film, Shang-Chi is still one of the better Marvel movies as of late. It’s also fantastic until the finale.

As is typical for the MCU, things end with a gigantic battle filled with CGI. In the case of Shang-Chi, it’s with a literal CGI monster whose name I couldn’t tell you for the life of me. 

Wonder Woman

Once again, this may not be a perfect film, but it’s still a great movie. It’s also one of the best from the DCU, too.

Yet, like Shang-Chi, it suffers from an unfortunate CGI-filled final battle.

The Wolf of Wall Street

One of the most significant underlying messages of The Wolf of Wall Street is that Jordan Belfort isn’t the best guy in the world. Sure, he’s smart and wealthy, but he’s also a bad person.

Yet we see the Jordan Belfort cameo at the end in an attempt to almost glamorize him as a person. That’s hard to do, considering all the awful things we just saw him do for the past two to three hours. 

Back to the Future

At the end of Back to the Future, we see Biff, George McFly’s former bully, essentially being the personal mechanic for the McFly family.

Yet why would you employ your former bully? Sure, George stood up to Biff during the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, but still, wouldn’t you want to leave your high school bully in the past?




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