12 Little Things People Do That Are a Complete Turn-Off – And They Probably Don’t Even Realize It

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Most people hate it when people base their lives on celebrities or people they have never met before — to them, it shows that they have no sense of individuality. What does that look like to you? According to people in an online forum, these are the top things that scream, “I have no life,” and you probably want to look out for them.

1. Monitoring How Long Other People Are Working

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Some people go to work and spend the entire day monitoring how long everyone has been away from their computer and how many breaks they take. People should remember they are at work to work, not police everyone else. It’s a sad commentary on how miserable you are to worry about what everybody else is doing.

2. Making Fun Of Other People’s Hobbies

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Most people are curious why anyone would make fun of someone else’s hobby when the hobby does not hurt them. Hobbies bring people fulfillment or happiness. According to the forum’s consensus, the biggest jerk is the one who makes people feel terrible about what makes them happy.

The world would be better if people let others enjoy the little things that brought them joy — things that don’t hurt anybody else.

3. Being Way Too Invested Into The Life Of Reality TV Stars

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Reality TV stars are living their best lives on TV, and often, by being too invested in them, we ensure they do. If Keeping Up With The Kardashians makes you happy, you may indulge — but do so cautiously. Otherwise, you may show everyone you “have no life.”

4. Being A Mean Girl After High School

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You know them, and you either didn’t love them or maybe you were them. There’s no telling where the mean girl clique from high school comes from or why they seem to exist in virtually every high school. But one thing is for sure; the phase should die right after senior year.

It’s not edgy; it’s just plain rude. If you’re still a mean girl, find something better to do with your life, folks say.

5. Obsessively Posting Your Relationship On Social Media

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Besides the mindless scrolling zombies, people who obsessively post their life or relationship on social media are called out. They may do it out of insecurity or the urge to prove to themselves and others they are happy.

A user states, “There have been studies that show people in healthier relationships tend not to post about their relationships on social media very often.”

6. Bragging About Working Long Hours

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Working long hours is a two-sided coin. You could get many things done, be more productive, and even get a raise. On the other hand, you can easily get exhausted and deliver subpar services.

But bragging about how long you have to work is nothing to discuss. Either you get better time management skills or stop acting like more hours makes you better or more hard-working than others. Others might have other things to do with their lives.

7. Giving All Your Money To A Family Member

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Giving is great, especially when it’s a family member. Still, you should know when to hit the brakes so you don’t end up like one guy who gave all his money to his mother.

According to the story, he never looked forward to time off and didn’t want to stay home. He also had no money despite working overtime. His mood was often over the place, and his employer discovered he had issues at home.

It wasn’t long before he quit and found a job far away. He had been giving all his money to his mother, who took it all without remorse. His life revolved around being home, dealing with her, working, and returning to abuse.

8. Being Emotionally Invested In The British Family

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Long live the Queen. Her passing was mourned, celebrated, and talked about nonstop. The Royal family is undoubtedly a staple of history and modern-day culture. But that one person who cries or nags over everything in the royal family is confusing.

Yes, they’re celebrities; we get it. There’s no need for the theatrics.

9. Yard Maintenance

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The lawn has to be precisely two inches, with every single blade of grass cut pristinely. The garden gnomes must be polished to a mirror sheen and back to the rising sun. The bushes need to be expertly trimmed every few days to match the rest of the patterns done in the yard.

It’s your property, and you probably love gardening, but there has to be something else to do, right? Gardening is a great hobby, but it becomes problematic when it becomes an obsession.

10. Endlessly Talking About Parenthood

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Being a parent is a thing of joy. You’ve brought someone into the world you are entirely proud of, and it makes sense that you want to share that experience with all who will listen. But the world does not revolve around you or your kid.

11. Talking Bad About Other People

women gossipping, negative talk.
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Some folks enjoy constantly criticizing others and spreading negative news about them.

Being around someone who only sees the terrible side in others gets exceptionally tiring. Also, the character trait clearly shows insecurity.

12. Worrying About What Others Are Doing With Their Lives

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Well, for one, they are living it.

Someone says, “Very many people have been bothered by the fact that I don’t drink or smoke. Not sure why it riles people up so much.”

More people need to learn to let others live how they want to without obsessing over how their actions turn out. No matter how close you are to them, the best you can do is to give advice.

This thread inspired this article.

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