10 TV Shows That Actually Have Likable Characters

Melissa Fumero
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While enjoying my daily scroll, I stumbled on a fun question, “What TV series actually has likable characters?” I vote That ’70s Show, and I am geeked about That ’90s Show dropping on Netflix next week. Here are the ten top-voted TV shows with characters people love.

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013- 2021)

Melissa Fumero
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.

The number one voted show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Someone elaborated, “The closest show I can think of is Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I can’t think of one character I found unlikable, except for maybe Gina, but even I liked her to an extent and found her funny at times!”

“Mostly everyone in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Except for Gina, of course. Aside from her character, most of the characters are likable,” another agreed.

2. Ted Lasso (2020- Current)

“I enjoyed that the show made the owner (who brought Ted Lasso inside to tank the team) likable. Although at first, it seemed like Rebecca would be the villain, instead, you feel sorry for her,” admitted one.

“Not just Rebecca. All of the characters. When you first meet the characters, you think they’ll fall into these obvious TV tropes. But as you learn more about them, they’re much more complex, interesting, and likable than you’d initially expect,” a second added.

3. Derry Girls (2018- 2022)

“I recently discovered Derry Girls on Netflix. I watched all three seasons over two days and want to rewatch it,” confessed one. “Hilarious show, and yes, the characters are such loveable jerks.”

Derry Girls. They’re all lovable jerks (especially Sister Michael). Even Uncle Colm is likable, the boring jerk.”

4. Eureka (2006- 2012)

“I loved Eureka on HBO Max, and I’m glad I started watching it with a season three marathon,” another shared. “I’m curious if I would’ve stuck with it, as seasons one and two were slightly different. However, it hit its stride with season three.”

“The characters were great and made for great crossovers with Warehouse 13, which I also loved,” reported another. 

5. Bob’s Burgers (2011- Present)

“Oddly enough, Bob’s Burgers is full of unlikeable characters…until they start chatting and turn into weirdly funny and relatable people,” suggested one.

“Every time I watch and Jimmy Pesto comes on screen, I have the urge to punch him in the face. But he isn’t unlikable. The main characters are wholesome, but it seems like Bob can never win. Maybe I should watch more,” another user pondered. 

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6. 3rd Rock From the Sun (1996- 2001)

One person said, “I don’t know. The characters are all likable to my wife and me, but imagine interacting with them without knowing what we know. We would all be like Nina if we had to work with Dick Solomon daily. PS- I miss this show.”

7. Schitt’s Creek (2015- 2020)

Schitt’s Creek characters are not instantly likable, though, which puts many people off. However, their progression and turnaround make that show like no other,” one stated.

“I hated the characters in the television show Schitt’s Creek for the first few episodes. They took a while, but ultimately you do get to like them,” another concurred.

8. New Girl (2011- 2018)

“Came to say New Girl. It is so odd that nearly everyone is pretty nice (if weird and maybe a bit too quirky). Even the exes and antagonists are usually pretty cool people,” suggested one.

“Just recently rewatched the episode where Jess “reconnects” with an ex a few seasons later and his reactions to her are hilarious,” a second person commented.

9. The Good Place (2016- 2020)

Someone asked, “How is The Good Place not higher on this list? Because the literal premise is that all the main characters are heavily flawed people? And are all demons (except for Janet) until like season four? Season four is when they were all good people, though. Seasons two and three had a few resets, but they were making progress.”

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10. Parks and Recreation (2009- 2015)

“Had to scroll way too far to see Parks and Recreation! They are such a likable bunch. Vastly prefer Leslie and Ben over Jim and Pam from The Office,” confessed one.

Finally, someone quoted the show, “‘Except of course the library: The library is the worst group of people ever assembled in history. They’re mean, conniving, rude, and extremely well-read, which makes them dangerous. -L Knope’.” 

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite TV show full of lovable characters missing from this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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