Ubisoft Will Be Giving Pay Raises to Developers in an Attempt to Keep Them From Leaving

Ubisoft Has Announced Pay Raises for developers
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Ubisoft has long been a giant in the gaming industry. But over the last year, the French company has been dealing with the fallout from multiple allegations of sexual misconduct in their offices.

Image Via Ubisoft

The employees of the company have attempted to get more of a say of how Ubisoft moves forward. When their initial demands fell on deaf ears, the workers took their complaints public.

And, at least in one case, the company has tried to stop the bleeding by offering raises to developers. The way the raises are laid out, however, has caused some controversy.

Workers at a more senior level could receive raises of up to 20%. More junior developers, however, will see a pay increase of 5-7%.

The company explained through a spokesperson:

“This year, the market has changed dramatically in Canada and that is why this adjustment starting at 5% and up was intended to partially address this issue, the first time we are doing a mid-year increase. There will still be another adjustment to come in April, as usual. This is the first of a number of initiatives we are announcing to provide a competitive employer offer, and as part of our broader ongoing changes.”

That explanation didn’t sit well with Ubisoft employees. They said in an emailed statement, “These moves do absolutely nothing to address the key demands of A Better Ubisoft. In addition, by weighting the pay rises enormously in favor of senior staff, management are exacerbating the gap between the highly and low paid workers.”

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