Ubisoft Has Apparently Only Sold 15 NFTs So Far

Ubisoft Has Apparently Only Sold 15 NFTs So Far

Ubisoft recently saw backlash when they announced the selling of NFTs. Nevertheless, they moved forward, introducing them in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

It turns out that sales of their NFTs aren’t exactly lighting the world on fire. The data comes from Liz Edwards, senior character artist for Apex Legends. Through some digging, she discovers that there have been a whopping total of 15 NFTs sold. 15 as in One-Five, not 1,500 or 15,000.

Edwards continues, noticing that Ubisoft appears to have made around 2,256 NFTs total. If correct, that means they’ve only sold about 0.006% of their total inventory. That’s not a big number for those of you keeping score at home.

Per Eurogamer, it was noted that Ubisoft is giving away “the majority” of their NFTs.

There are additional barriers to entry to keep in mind, too. You have to own a Ubisoft game to buy any of their NFTs. Stephen Totilo, a reporter for Axios, did some digging as well. What he found doesn’t paint a positive picture for long-term success for NFT sales.

Totilo also reported last week that most NFT sales are fueled by speculators.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 developer GSC Game World recently backtracked on selling NFTs in the upcoming game after extreme negative feedback.

Perhaps one day, developers and publishers will stop trying to make NFTs happen. Like “fetch,” it’s never going to happen.


Written by Jake Valentine

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