Ubisoft Is Experiencing an Unprecedented Exodus of Developers

Ubisoft is Experiencing An Unprecedented Exodus of Developers

Axios’ Stephen Totilo is reporting that over the past 18 months, many Ubisoft developers have been leaving the company. Per the article, it’s dubbed “the great exodus” or “the cut artery.

This isn’t a problem that’s exclusive to Ubisoft. “The Great Resignation” has been ongoing throughout the year. Many are looking at various underpaid retail and service industry jobs as a factor. Harvard Business Review, however, states that resignations are highest in tech and health care. As a game developer and publisher, Ubisoft falls into the realm of tech.

Axios said at least five of the “top-25 credited people from Far Cry 6” have already left the company. In addition, “twelve of the top 50 from…Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” have also left. Current developers told Axios that these resignations are either stalling or slowing down projects in the pipeline.

One reason for the departure was the handling by Ubisoft of misconduct, harassment, and misogyny in the workplace. Kotaku reported back in August that despite a handful of resignations, it’s still business as usual.

Also, in August, a coalition of 1,000 current and former Ubisoft employees stood in solidarity with the Activision Blizzard walkout. “[We are] demanding that our own management take FAR more action to end abuse in Ubisoft and the wider industry,” their Twitter account read.

Furthermore, developers are confused about why Ubisoft is pushing NFTs; early reporting shows that they’re not exactly selling.

What may be most telling is the words of one of the workers this year while speaking to Axios. “They constantly emphasized ‘moving on’ and ‘looking forward’ while ignoring the complaints, concerns, and cries of their employees,” they said. “The company’s reputation was too much to bear. It’s legitimately embarrassing.”

Ubisoft has offered pay raises to their Canadian studios in an effort to prevent more developers from leaving. According to their own website, though, that only accounts for six of the over 50 total studio locations listed. There is no word on whether or not they have also raised pay at other locations outside Canada.


Written by Jake Valentine

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