Ubisoft Pulls Down Video Announcing NFT’s After Massively Negative Reaction

Over the last year or two, NFT’s have become a big deal. They are all over pop culture and sports. And it was only a matter of time before they entered the gaming world.

Ubisoft recently announced that they would be introducing NFT’s into their games. The reception to this announcement, though, was very negative.

The video game company revealed the idea behind Ubisoft Quartz in a YouTube video. To say there was a negative reaction to the video would be an understatement. There were fewer than 1,000 likes on the video and the company pulled it down once it hit 22,000 dislikes.


As of now, though, it looks like Ubisoft will be pushing forward with their NFT’s, which they are calling digits. Explaining the idea, VP of the Company’s Strategic Innovation Lab, Nicolas Pouard said:

“Our long-term efforts led us to understand how blockchain’s decentralized approach could genuinely make players stakeholders of our games, in a way that is also sustainable for our industry, placing back into their hands the value they generate through the time they spend, the items they buy or the content they create online. Ubisoft Quartz is the first building block in our ambitious vision for developing a true metaverse. And it can’t come to life without overcoming blockchain’s early-form limitations for gaming, including scalability and energy consumption.”


Ubisoft Quartz is expected to debut in most markets on December 9th. There will be opportunities for players to obtain free digits on the 9th, 12th and 15th of the month.

Todd Neikirk

Written by Todd Neikirk

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