15 Best Video Games for People With Computers That Are Slower Than Molasses

older man and woman holding video game controller
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Are you searching for the best PC games for non-gaming computers? Then, we’ve got you covered. A recent poll on the internet asked, “What video game would you suggest to someone with a less powerful computer?” And here are the top-voted responses.

older man and woman holding video game controller
Image Credit: Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock.

1. Stardew Valley (2016)

A video game digital distribution service called Steam claimed you need 500MB of hard drive space to download the game. However, one person later learned that they needed 620MB precisely. 

They elaborated that they were 30 hours into the gameplay and were still in the first year of their “game life.” Another praised Stardew Valley and said they spent a lot of time replicating a virtual farm that matched their real one. 

They shared they were a farm worker who got injured and couldn’t work on their real-life farm. A person with a decent attention span could get lost for hours in this awesome game. 

2. Terraria (2011)

One user called Terraria a well-done game. However, they continued about how beginners and seasoned players alike could fall in with the seamless progression, tons of content, and the game’s capacity to be modified is mind-blowing. 

They also noted that they used to have the best time hosting private matches for hours in high school.

3. Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

Someone suggested that you ensure you have the Nexus Mod file to fix the universal issue of Fallout: New Vegas crashing on the PC. They explained that they heard of folks who experienced system crashes upwards of twice every hour on computers running the game sans Nexus mod.

4. Factorio (2016)

One confessed that they had been running Factorio without issues on a potato computer for two years. Another replied they were running it on a 2017 mid-tier PC made for gaming. There were over 20,000 logistics bots active before they experienced lag. They commented on how great the optimization of Factorio was.

5. Rollercoaster Tycoon (1999)

One person suggested anyone who plays Rollercoaster Tycoon should know about the life-changing OpenRCT2 source code mod. Not only does it Rollercoaster Tycoon easier to play on modern PCs, but it also fixes many of the common issues and bugs.

6. Starcraft (1998)

One user admitted to gaming on a 15-year-old iGPU, a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Next, they talked about their i7 laptop with eight GB of ram and an Intel HD4400 graphics card. Finally, they spoke about how the computer’s graphics are set to 720p or better to play Starcraft.

7. Minecraft (2011)

One replied how the game Minecraft operates just fine on a 10+-year-old PC. They continued by stating the integration of an upgraded graphics card helped Minecraft run without complication.

8. Arma 3 (2013)

Someone shared that they played Arma 3 on a computer without a graphics card, and everything went off without a hitch. A second person stated how unique this game was to them. They continued by saying it’s a roll of the dice, but Arma 3 is worth it.

9. Gungeon (2016)

One user recalled how their method for overcoming adversity. First, they clarified by saying to move into open spaces when bullets fly your way. But, they continued, go for the more challenging targets first and remain poised.

10. The Binding of Isaac (2011)

Another indicated that The Binding of Isaac was a great game to play on and off with no serious time commitment. They continued by noting how much additional content has been added in the last few years. 

A second user calculated over 100 hours logged playing The Binding of Isaac, lounging around on the couch, or just before bed.

11. Baldur’s Gate (2012)

Someone discovered something new every they played Baldur’s Gate, as they have replayed the game many times recently. The user continued by claiming even if you know the story and missions by heart, change your gaming strategy, and you will experience the same game in a new light every time.

12. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

One user discussed how widescreen is not an available function with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and how there is a mod to rectify that. One person replied they keep a 4:3 ration TV for nostalgia when playing old-school games.

13. Disco Elysium (2019)

Another explained that they had just recently played Disco Elysium and how much of a masterpiece it was. After playing it three times, they agreed Disco Elysium was their new favorite game.

14. Vampire Survivors (2021)

Someone alleged that everyone around them is playing Vampire Survivor, elaborating how addicting it is. They expressed five dollars was well spent on this game. They spent the money to assist in the 70 hours it took to complete Vampire Survivor to 100%.

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15. Dishonored (2012)

Finally, someone suggested Dishonored is entirely underrated, especially with its fantastic optimization and iconic graphics, all while utilizing the low-end functionality of the CPU. 

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite game missing from this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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