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Watch the Official Trailer for The Last of Us

Watch the Official Trailer for The Last of Us
Photo Credit: HBO

After a tease and character posters, HBO has finally released the official full-length trailer for The Last of Us.

Based on the best-selling 2013 Sony PlayStation 3 game, the upcoming series stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Elle. According to the show’s synopsis, “Joel and Ellie, a pair connected through the harshness of the world they live in, are forced to endure brutal circumstances and ruthless killers on a trek across post-pandemic America.”

Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us has seen two mainline games released on PS3 and PS4. Two remakes of the original game have been produced, most recently The Last of Us Part 1, earlier this year for PlayStation 5. 

The Last of Us premieres on HBO and HBO Max on January 15th, 2023. 

Cast for HBO’s The Last of Us includes:

  • Pedro Pascal as Joel
  • Bella Ramsey as Ellie
  • Gabriel Luna as Tommy
  • Merle Dandridge as Marlene
  • Anna Torv as Tess
  • Nico Parker as Sarah
  • Storm Reid as Riley
  • Lamar Johnson as Henry
  • Murray Bartlett as Frank
  • Nick Offerman as Bill
  • Keivonn Woodard as Sam


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