Here’s Your Chance to Win the Deathstroke Skin on Fortnite Before It’s Available for Everyone

Fortnite Cup
Photo Credit: Epic Games

DC Comics and Fortnite are preparing to drop a Deathstroke skin and now you can win the Slade Wilson product before it drops on June 1.

The Deathstroke Cup starts on May 27 with a solo-focused journey.

Fortnite Cup
Photo Credit: Epic Games

Here’s how it works: Fortnite players can participate in matches and after ten attempts the players with the best scores in each region will earn the Deathstroke skin.

Earn at least eight points and you’ll unlock the Slade’s Watching Spray emote.

Epic Games has released the rules of the cup on the game’s website. The rules follow closely to previous Fortnite cups.

The Deathstroke skin for Fortnite might only be an exclusive for several days but the bragging rights for streamers are worth competing in the cup.


Written by Boss Level Gamer

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