Worst Plot Holes in Otherwise Amazing Movies – “I Really Needed To Suspend My Disbelief”

Worst Plot Holes in Otherwise Amazing Movies - I Really Needed To Suspend My Disbelief
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No matter how great a movie is, sometimes some moments take us out of it. Plot holes can attempt to sink even the greatest pieces of film. While we can mostly overlook them, some still run through our brains. 

Finding Nemo

One of the most charming and beloved Disney and Pixar movies, Finding Nemo is a classic.

Yet, one can’t help but wonder. The fish tank in the dentist’s office has no lid; the pelican could have saved the fish whenever he wanted. 


Norman Osburn should read the paper for someone who desperately needs to know who takes the pictures of Spider-Man

Peter Parker gets the photo credit for pictures of Spider-Man in the Daily Bugle. Read the fine print, Green Goblin!

Back to the Future

When Doc Brown prepares to return Marty to the future, he states everything was accounted for. The DeLorean will meet the 1.21 jigowatts of energy from the lightning thanks to the precise speed, provided Marty starts the car when the timer goes off.

One problem is the DeLorean stalls when the timer goes off. So, in theory, Marty should have been late and remained in 1955. 


At the stroke of midnight, the Fairy Godmother tells Cinderella that everything goes back to normal. Her dress, the carriage, the handsome driver, everything.

Everything but the glass slippers, apparently. Maybe the Fairy Godmother was in on the plan all along! 


We can suspend our disbelief as Michael Meyers survivals virtually everything thrown at him.

One thing we can’t suspend, however, is the fact that he knows how to properly drive a car despite being locked away for 20 years. We didn’t know they offered driving lessons in the insane asylum. 

Independence Day

Randy Quaid’s character is infamous for his claim that aliens abducted him. 

It’s one thing to doubt this, but continuing to doubt the character in the middle of an alien invasion seems silly. 

The Little Mermaid

Ariel makes a deal with the devil to find true love. However, after signing a contract with Ursula, she’s unable to speak. Therefore, she must receive “true love’s kiss” in the three days she’s a human before reverting to a mermaid.

Or, here’s a thought: she could write a note telling Eric to kiss her. Before you say, “Ariel can’t read English,” the contract she signed with Ursula is written in English!

Every Christmas Movie

Most Christmas movies have the same plot: adults no longer believe in Santa Claus, and it’s up to the kids to save the magic of the holidays. 

There’s just one hold-up: who’s leaving presents under the tree? Santa isn’t doing his job if the parents are doing it. On the other hand, if Santa comes down the chimney every night, where do the parents think the presents are coming from?

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